Multiblade Dynamic Fire Dampers
The FDD-MB Series of static fire dampers is available in 1-1/2 & 3 hour ratings and carry listings with UL, ULC & California State Fire Marshal. The FD-MB Series of multibladed dampers are available in standard 3V blades as well as Airfoil shaped blades for superior pressure drop performance, and are acceptable for use as part of an engineered smoke control system in which the fans remain on during a fire.
  • Available with a full range of factory sleeves and duct transitions
  • Available with either 3V style blades (FDD-MB-3V) or Airfoil Blade designs (FDD-MB-AF).
  • True Round Model Available (FDD-RD)
  • Front access and “out of wall” grille mount versions available (FDD-OW)

Submittal - Triple-V Multiblade Dynamic Fire Damper - 1-1/2 or 3 Hour - FDD-MB-3V
Submittal - Airfoil Multiblade Dynamic Fire Damper - 1-1/2 or 3 Hour - FDD-MB-AF
Submittal - True Round Fire Damper - 1-1/2 Hour - FDD-RD


Submittal - Microswitch for Multiblad Dampers - M/S
Submittal - Remote Control Box - RCB-1-2-3
Submittal - Framed Retaining Angles for UL Fire Damper Installations - FRA
Submittal - Single Thermostat Operator Release with M/S - STO-R
Submittal - Fusible Link Based Operators - PFV-EFL

Installation Manuals

Installation Instructions - Fire Dampers - FD
Installation Instructions - Out of Wall / Partition for Fire Dampers and Combination Fire Smoke Dampers
Installation Instructions for Series FD-RD and FDD-RD
Installation Supplement - Installation in Concrete Floor with Steel Deck


Performance Data - Engineering performance data for Fire Dampers
Size Chart for Fire Damper Type B and Type C curtain fire dampers

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