Extruded Aluminum Backdraft Damper
Series: XABD
The XABD series are a high-quality extruded aluminum backdraft dampers. The dampers are available in a variety of frame styles (box, front flange or rear flange) and can be provided with a variety of counterweights (assist or retard) or electric actuators to aid in operation.
Counter Balance Damper
Series: CBD
The CBD counter balance damper or barometric damper is designed to act primarily as an up or down blast damper but can be mounted vertically as well. The CBD includes blade-mounted, adjustable steel counterweights that allow for field control of the first point of opening and full open limits.
Heavy Duty Backdraft Dampers
Series: HDB
The HDB series of heavy duty backdraft dampers are designed for higher pressure, velocity or temperature environments. Dampers are fabricated of heavy gauge galvanized steel standard, these dampers are capable of operating up to 250ºF and up to 3,000 fpm (HDB-H)
Fabric Backdraft Damper
Series: FBD
The FDB features neoprene coated fiberglass 'blades' in a galvanized steel frame. Appropriate for use up to a maximum velocity of 1,000 fpm, the FBD's nonmetallic blades offer quiet operation with no metallic noises and long-term operation due to no mechanical pivots.
Stainless Steel Backdraft Damper
Series: BDD-SS
The BDD-SS is fabricated of 304 stainless steel frame and blades with stainless axles and linkage, making this damper ideally suited for use in corrosive environments. Available with box or flanged frame, the BDD-SS is rated for use up to 1,500 fpm and 1.5" w.g.
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